Discover the CASO Food Manager App Version 1.2.4! 🚀

We’ve listened to your feedback and proudly present the latest enhancements:

  • Enhanced Barcode Scanner: Faster and more accurate food recognition – making storage easier than ever!
  • Light While Scanning: Use the flashlight directly during barcode scanning, even in low-light conditions.
  • Tablet and Landscape Layout: Optimized for tablets and unlocked landscape mode – perfect for your kitchen!
  • Smarter Food Code Entry: Improved input behavior for quicker food tracking.
  • Category Icons: Categories now look even more appealing on tablets.
  • Simplified EAN Database: Easily search for products with our streamlined database.
  • New Date Picker: Enter dates effortlessly, without excessive scrolling!

Download the update now and join us in reducing food waste! 🥦📲